Joyclub Review

JOYclub is “Made in Germany” and currently Germany’s best and biggest erotic community. The fling platform was created in the year 2005 and momentarily about two million members are active on the portal. With a pleasant atmosphere, a broad offer and constantly growing members JOYclub is the address for erotism and Sex. They can search purposefully for men, women or pairs erotic adventures. Furthermore, JOYclub is the centre of the swingers scene. About 80 percent of the swingers use the party directory and the other functions. A special feature of the platform is the fact that it also serves many special circles such as travesty, BDSM and the like. In short: JOYclub is the community for stylish eroticism. In our JOYclub test report you will find everything you need to know.

JOYclub in check: Fraud or serious provider?

JOYclub manages to come up with considerable numbers. Altogether approximately 2 million members are registered on the platform, of which about 300,000 users are online daily. About 1,000 new users register every day. In our experience, these membership figures clearly speak against fraud. Also the numerous mentions in the media underline the seriousness of the platform lastingly. JOYclub is well-known from the following media:

  • Penthouse
  • Ntv
  • Focus Online
  • Cosmopilitan
  • JOY
  • Max

JOYclub guarantees absolute fake protection and experience shows that this succeeds very well. There are only very meaningful profiles, whose authenticity is checked in different ways by JOYclub. A very pleasant gender ratio further proves that JOYclub endeavours to offer its customers an attractive climate. These points clearly speak against fraud. Hardly still surprising that the offerer was distinguished several times.

Laut following honors JOYclub is the best erotism Community in Germany:

    • VENUS Award 2013

li>de – 2013

  • de
  • eKomi

The TÜV Saarland confirms likewise that members can rely on respectability, a reliable fake protection as well as data security and discretion. In our experience, all points indicate that JOYclub is a serious and very sophisticated dating platform. At the moment, we don’t see any signs of rip-off or even fraud. A similar tone is struck by other experience reports that can be found on the Internet.

Videovorschau zu JOYclub

The following video summarizes our experiences with JOYclub. We will also show you how the registration works and show you the first steps with the provider.

You can now watch the video to get a preview of JOYclub:

The offer in the test: Eroticism with level

The membership structure is definitely a decisive plus for JOYclub. The gender ratio is very balanced with an average of 39 percent men, 30 percent women and 31 percent couples. The average age of men is 32.5 years, whereas the average age of women is 34.4 years. Most members come from Berlin and Saxony. The other federal states are then equally well represented. The new federal states in particular, however, are less active than average on the platform. In addition to women and men, this erotic community also includes couples, which further optimises the choice of communication. Thanks to the numerous exams and checks, fakes don’t really stand a chance, which raises the level even higher. The profiles have a high standard. They are filled out in detail and often contain long texts. Also photos are available, which provides for a personal connection. Beside the private users also numerous commercial members are active with JOYclub. Since these are marked however separately, it is always obvious, with whom one has to do it.

The platform offers the opportunity to explore the Community with a free membership. The basic membership is a free trial subscription, which is available immediately after registration. In order to be able to use all functions, an authenticity check is necessary. Without examination men, women as well as pairs have access to all information, the magazine and the club listing. Also the Chat and the forum can be used in its entirety. In addition, private messages can be received and sent. Those who have had themselves checked for authenticity receive the “Plus” status. This special trial membership enables access to further functions such as unlimited contact options with all members.

On the other hand, premium membership in particular offers many other functions and features that are not available to other members. However, a distinction is made between two fee-based memberships (Plus and Premium). With the Premium Membership you also have access to the FSK-18 area and benefit from discounts, higher contact chances and the option to create your own chat room. Of course, that wasn’t all, the functionality of JOYclub is generally very extensive. That does not concern also the contact possibilities.

bonus-offers for new customers rather sparsely available

new customers are not particularly spoiled at JOYclub. The free trial membership is the only benefit you get. At certain times the platform offers bonus offers, but these are rather rare to be found. Differently it looks however, if it concerns a Premium member, these have access to coupons namely.

Premium members may enjoy with JOYclub not only the complete function range, but likewise over attractive discounts. In a separate range there are various coupons, which are valid exclusively for Premium members. Sometimes it concerns a discount coupon for a Dessous offerer, in addition, coupons for Lovetoys and other products stand for the selection. And also with many meetings are 10 per cent discount for Premium members at the agenda.

Kosten und Zahlungsmöglichkeiten: Fair and competitive prices

The price structure in the JOYclub speaks against fraud, because the costs are absolutely fair and transparent. In the comparison with the competition the erotic community can score in any case. The basis membership is and remains in the long term free of charge. Independent of the membership it is interesting that the price can be influenced by the authenticity check. Who can be verified before, that can notice a discount. Thus, women and couples who are verified can subscribe to the Plus membership at a discount. The same applies to Premium Memberships. These get verified women and couples at the discounted price offered.

Plus membership

  • For certified women and couples free of charge
  • Other: 9.90 € per month

Premium membership

  • For certified couples and women: 4,90 € per month
  • otherwise: 14,90 € per month

The following payment options are available:

  • credit card
  • li> bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • direct debit

Membership does not require a subscription. Thus the Abo can be terminated also relatively problem-free. In the member area a click is sufficient for the notice, a period of notice does not give it thus. Still one day before expiration of the subscription the notice can take place problem-free. If desired, the automatic subscription extension can be deactivated in the member area. In this way, it can be effectively avoided that a month is unintentionally extended. With questions there is even a separate Hotline, which worries about questions to the payment modalities.

Privatsphäre and data security: Absolute data security

JOYclub sets a signal against fraud, by the Community annually voluntarily the T?V places itself and can be tested. And the authority certifies JOYclub not only best data protection, but also discretion, fake protection as well as seriousness. The provider is also exemplary when it comes to the protection of minors. Free pictures and videos are therefore only available to members in a protected FSK18 area who have proven their age.

Data security is also given with regard to their own profile data. Because the profile can protect you completely after your conceptions. For each video or photo there is the option to either show it to all members or only to a previously defined group of people. Those who want to protect their data effectively can do so without any problems. Payment transactions take place confidentially via NetDebit in order to guarantee the best possible security. If you want to delete your account, it only takes one click in the member area. Logging out is not a big challenge either.

Further security is provided by the authenticity check, which can look different. In total, there are three variants to choose from to prove authenticity.

  1. You write a predefined text on a piece of paper and photograph yourself with it.
  2. You visit an event or visit a swingers club and find a JOYclub employee who verifies you.
  3. You already know 5 members in the community who are officially ready to confirm your authenticity.

Kundendienst: The customer is king

JOYclub offers an independent “Help”-section, in which numerous questions have already been answered. In the FAQ there are innumerable help files, which are very helpful and which will handle the most common problems sufficiently in any case. In addition, there are several ways to get in touch with customer service. Classically, it is possible to contact the customer via e-mail. The contact form allows a fast processing and the reaction time of the employees is very pleasant according to our experience. We didn’t have to wait long for an answer. Who likes it rather directly and abruptly, can turn besides to the Hotline, which is attainable under the call number 02427/903 50 – 10 24 hours/7 days the week to the local tariff.

User friendliness: Pleasant Design

Already at first sight it is clear that the Datingplattform was arranged very complex. This of course has an effect on the user friendliness. It takes some time to get used to until intuitive handling is possible. The design is rather dark, but very tasteful. The font is large enough and the important information stands out. The page is by no means overloaded, but offers a balanced ratio.

The registration is relatively simple and takes at most 15 minutes. A registration is however already settled in 5 minutes, with the remainder it concerns already data, with which you personalisieren your profile. However, you can interrupt and save the process at any time. First of all, future members must decide what they are looking for:

  • Entertainment and Flirt
  • Friendship and Contact
  • Date and Meeting
  • Partnership and Relationship

Then some personal details follow. Such as height, weight, hair color and so on. Also interests and preferences are now queried. Seamlessly it goes from the registration already to the filling out of the profile. There you can really let off steam. You can fill out an extensive catalogue of standard questions to present yourself. There are also a total of 5 predefined questions for which you can write freely. It is possible to fill the profile with photos, you can upload any number of files and even create a photo gallery. Particularly generous photos are published in a special FSK18 range.

The personals can be filtered very simply after own desires and needs, which provides for clarity. Also after regions the individual announcements can be sorted. You can also search for further criteria:

  • Concrete pseudonyms
  • Own profile visitors
  • Who is currently online?
  • >Detailed search
  • Quick_search

Fazit – final opinion on JOYclub

JOYclub is a sophisticated platform for erotic contacts. JOYclub is also often called Facebook for eroticism. According to our experience the dating platform can score with fair prices, a high level and many other advantages. The provider is absolutely serious and very concerned about customer satisfaction, security and data protection. At the moment there is unfortunately still no mobile App, which is a point of criticism. A small consolation is the fact that the website can be used with the smartphone at least with the most important functions. Furthermore, JOYclub guarantees to check all profiles as good as possible for authenticity, which ensures a particularly pleasant climate. Even the gender distribution is absolutely solid. The ever increasing number of visitors shows that JOYclub is serious and recommendable through and through and that there are no signs of rip-off.


stylish eroticism is the headline of JOYclub and this is definitely kept! The whole community is really well done and there is a lot of interesting information about the members. So I directly find my partner, who is quite similar to me. It’s fun to chat and exchange with the members (and those without a member). With me it comes regularly to meet with women. Usually it does not remain with only one meeting. One keeps contact and meets again sometime. Many negative reviews on the World Wide Web say that you can’t find the partner of life here. But that my friends should also be clear, this is only about one thing, namely sex. Don’t think you’ll find soul mates here!

written 19 months ago


Free and free sex, just when I want and with whom I want! That’s why I’m registered at JOYclub and get something for my low costs. The offer is generally really promising and promising. I am very happy there and feel very well taken care of and of course also very well there. Because of the high quality I have already recruited some friends, who now also participate there. There are many like-minded people who are looking for something special. Others just want sex and think it’s a free brothel. This is definitely not the case. Courtesy is assumed here as well, but most people stick to it. Altogether 5 of 5 stars from me!

written 17 months ago


I have very special ideas and wishes regarding sex. Not every woman is willing to do that. But at JOYclub I found a lady who ticks similar to me. Simply ingenious. I didn’t think it could be that easy.

written 9 months ago