Cs:Go Massive Review

If you value the small highlights in a computer game, you might be disappointed by CS:GO after a short time, for example if you look at the monotony of the different skins. However, there is a solution here, which brings the players even much cheaper to the hot skins than the regular purchase through Steam: The CS:GO casinos. CS:GO Massive, for example, is one of these providers, which has also increased in popularity in recent years. To be fair, however, it must also be said that this is clearly one of the better providers in its class. What that means exactly and which CS:GO Massive experiences we could collect in the detail, we clarify in the following now once completely exactly.

Our experiences in the overview

With CS:GO Massive it concerns a CS:GO Casino, which can convince with an responding selection and an easy and safe completion of the transactions. All deposits, for example, are processed via the G2A Pay payment system and are available on the player’s account within a few seconds. The portfolio then opens up a variety of gaming opportunities where players can increase their account balance. Skins themselves are not available from this provider – but they are real money. Especially positive is the fact that the account balance is not artificially “pushed”. This means that one coin within the game corresponds to one US dollar in reality and could be paid out accordingly. The offerer deals convincingly also with the topic security and seriosity, because reason to the worry does not exist here definitely.

CS:GO Massive in the check: Fraud or respectable?

Where genuine money is in the play, there should be always doubly paid attention to the security. Of course we did this in our CS:GO Massive test report, so that we can describe some happy experiences here. A fraud or a rip-off by the provider, for example, we can completely rule out. The reason for this lies in the control of the games, because all games in the portfolio are proven to be fair and thus provide all players the same high chances of winning. In addition, nothing can be criticized about the payments. Deposits are processed with G2A Pay. A payment service that is responsible for secure transaction processing in numerous CS:GO casinos. The winnings can be paid out with PayPal or Bitcoin, for example, so that no incidents are to be feared during withdrawals. In short: A convincing appearance that clearly underlines that CS:GO Massive works seriously and reliably.

An overview of the offer

The large selection in the portfolio of CS:GO Massive is noticeable at first glance in the test report of CS:GO Massive. While some CS:GO casinos can only present one or two games, here you can find five different games. And the number is regularly increased. One of the most popular games is the game “Jackpot”, which keeps exactly what it promises. Players play for huge prizes, but a certain amount of luck is also necessary. In addition, the game “Crash” is also a fairly new title in the line-up. In this game you bet on the development of a price, so that you can bet on rising and falling values. Also on offer is the classic Roulette, with which you can win 16 times your own stake in just one round. Particularly strong: Multiplayer games are also offered, which can be found behind the “Versus” button. In detail, the players will find Black Jack, stone, scissors, paper and the game coin toss. Each game is played against other players, which increases the tension and the thrill of course once again. Finally, the selection is rounded off by the game “Mines”, which in principle corresponds to the Microsoft game “Minesweeper”.

If money is won within the games, it is immediately transferred to your own account and can then be paid out. At the same time the players have in our experience with CS:GO Massive but also the chance to earn their coins for free. On the one hand friends can be recruited, on the other hand there are daily Free Coins and missions.

Deposit: Secure processing of transactions

The basis for participation in the game operation lies in your own deposit, after all, credit must first be available for use on the account. The payments are carried out by a click on the button “Instant Deposit”, which is located on the left side of the lobby. If you want to deposit your skins, you can do so using the InstaSell software. Those who deposit regular money for the games use the G2A Pay software. In both cases, payments are made immediately, so that the amount or item can be found immediately on the player’s account. Plus point: As a rule, providers charge around seven to 13 percent for the exchange and trading of skins. CS:GO Massive, however, is much more customer-friendly in this respect and charges only five percent. Of course, this also clearly indicates that CS:GO Massive works seriously and that the players do not have to fear fraud or rip-offs.

Security and regulation: All games are provably fair

As already mentioned, in our experience the players in the entire portfolio do not have to worry about security at all. During the payments the transactions are protected by the respective payment software, the games in the portfolio are all proven to be fair. This means that the random number generators are based on mathematical principles and therefore the random number decides on the winner of a round. Such games can also be checked, so that in case of doubt proof could always be requested. More security is not really possible, especially as fraud is made impossible in this way. Another positive aspect is that any fees or costs are always displayed transparently by the provider.

Support and customer service: FAQ area and ticket system help further

In our experience with CS:GO Massive, the provider has opted for the written way to contact customer support. In detail this means for the players that the requests must always be submitted via the ticket system. A small waiting time has to be accepted, but the quality of the answer is always high. It is also particularly practical that the requests can be tracked and that every player can always see who is currently dealing with the problem or misunderstanding. In addition, a FAQ area is offered directly on the website, in which the most important questions about the offer are clarified.

User friendliness: Also in English, an impeccable navigation

The website of the casino is so far offered exclusively in English, which could possibly be a hurdle for some German players. Nevertheless the offer can be run through nevertheless nevertheless problem-free, since all ranges and menus are always clear marked. The listing of the submenus on the left side of the screen is also clever. This is not only a space-saving solution, but thanks to the small graphics it is also easy to keep track of. Points of criticism are not to be recognized within the range of the user friendliness thus.

Fazit: Great offer in a mad Casino

Convincing is after our CS:GO Massive experiences naturally already the selection in the Portfolio of the Casino. Every player can choose from five different games and simply try his luck. In addition, there is no need to worry about security, as every single game and every round of play are proven to be fair. If the website is now also translated completely into the German language as compared to the competition, the offer could also really hit the German market.