Betive Casino: Secure Up To 100 Free Spins On Super Weekend

The time to play at the online casino during the week is usually short, which is why many players try their luck on weekends. In the Betive Casino that is worthwhile itself completely particularly, because here each weekend up to 100 free plays wait to be cashed in by the customers.

Zu Betive

Einzahlung secures the Freegames

In the Betive Casino a double reason is given to all players to the joy on the weekend. With the Super Weekend all customers are rewarded for their deposits – with Freegames for first-class Slots.

How many free plays can be used, depends on the deposit of the players. For example, if an amount of 20 Euros is deposited, there are ten free spins. If the customer deposits 50 Euro, 35 Freegames will be credited. Maximum use can be made of this offer, however, with a deposit of 100 euros, because this also brings 100 free spins.

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