Stars Group: 400,000 Euro Fine In Holland

In the Netherlands, people are currently working intensively on revising the Gaming Act for the coming years. For the gambling industry, this is basically positive news, even though many big players could get into trouble as a result of these new regulations. For example, the Stars Group. The gambling giant was also active on the Dutch market for years without a licence and now has to swallow a fine of 400,000 euros. Much worse however still: The license for the soon hopefully opened market in the German neighbour country is wavering.

400,000 euro punishment for offence against the gambling law

If it concerns punishments for gambling enterprises, in the last years above all the British gambling companies and the pertinent Gambling Commission provided for attention. But there is another way. Nevertheless one punishment at a value of 400.000 euro will have to pay now the offerer The Stars Group in the Netherlands . That communicated the Dutch gambling authority . Concretely it concerns here the Unternehmenstochter TSG Interactive Gaming Europe, which is to have been active despite a valid prohibition on the Dutch gambling market. As the authorities communicated, one had come the company in the past year “on the tricks” and had identified in samples that this violates against the Dutch gambling right .

Fixed the authority according to own data so for example that a own translation was offered for players from the Netherlands . The company also has to put up with the accusation that some payment methods were specifically aimed at players from the neighbouring German country. For example, the authority would have discovered several payment providers that would exclusively target users from the Netherlands. The authority also complains that the provider’s website shouldn’t have been reachable with a Dutch IP address . Similarly, the Netherlands was apparently not included on the provider’s list of excluded countries. All this led now to the fact that the TSG Interactive Europe is asked to the cash.

Pokerspiel stands in the visor

As critically one evaluates by the authorities above all the circumstance that payment offerers would make their services available particularly for players from the Netherlands. The investigations of the authorities would have resulted in for example that in the Sommer 2018 more than 33,000 players from the Netherlands with the offerer transactions over the service iDeal completed. Altogether so a sum of approximately 225,000 euro flowed over the accounts of the payment offerer. According to the authorities, many players have not realised that poker is a game of chance and not a game of skill. Although these components would also be present in the game, the highest Dutch court ruled in 1998 that it was a game of chance.

As in many other countries, gambling in the Netherlands is at least currently still strongly restricted. This is only allowed via the state providers, online gambling offers are illegal. In the coming months, however, this will change. Politicians are already diligently working on a draft law to regulate gambling in the German neighbouring country. Then also private on-line gambling offerers should be allowed to make their offers available completely legally in the Netherlands.

Gambling company does not agree with accusations

Until it is so far, however, the gambling outside the casinos and casinos in the Netherlands remain illegal. The fact that the gambling provider advertised for Dutch players on its website with two aid organisations at the same time was therefore apparently also rated negatively by the authorities. However, the Stars Group did not agree with this accusation and declared according to Dutch media that this information had only been placed on its own website on the advice of the Dutch Gaming Authority. Now one is nevertheless nevertheless very surprised that this step is used against the enterprise.

To the remaining reproaches the company did not express itself so far yet. From a tactical point of view, that is certainly not the worst approach either. After all the accusations and the punishment are not particularly heavy, the burden of proof however is oppressive. Furthermore, from the point of view of the Stars Group: accept punishment and behave as inconspicuously as possible. Already now this could have actually small annoyance with the Dutch authorities actually still heavy consequences .

Stars Group threaten serious consequences

The reason for the bad feeling on the part of the gambling company lies in even those plans for the new gambling law, which is to apply starting from 2021 . Although here still no concrete requirements and formulations were set up, already many ideas and beginnings in the Dutch media make the round. In addition also belongs that offerers, who were active already once without license on the Dutch market , are not allowed to enter this again first of all. And exactly here it becomes hairy for the star Group. Nevertheless one would have against this formulation straight only completely officially offended.

both this passage however really in the gambling law is embodied, may be doubted. After all numerous gambling sizes from the whole world were active in the Netherlands in the last years, which might become in the future no more active then here. In addition to the Stars Group, the GVC Holdings, the Kindred Group and the British gambling giant William Hill, for example, also belong to this group. The attractiveness of the new market is likely to be heavily burdened by the exclusion of numerous international players. Nevertheless, the Dutch market is regarded as an enormously interesting contact point, especially by European gaming groups. The Dutch are enthusiastic gamblers who are already betting horrendous sums on the state market. If the attractiveness of the private providers increases, the stakes are likely to increase significantly once again. The application procedure for the new licenses in the Netherlands will be opened according to the plans, however, not until summer 2020. So the companies will have to wait a little longer before they can officially step on the gas pedal here in their German neighbours.