Comdirect Bank Offers Clients 6.25% Interest P.A. Via Vontobel Protect Pro Reverse Convertible Bond

The customers of comdirect Bank are currently being offered another attractive Lufthansa reverse convertible bond. It is possible that current interest rates of up to 6.25% p.a. can be achieved. The Vontobel Protect Pro reverse convertible bond on Lufthansa can be subscribed until 20 August 2018. In principle, customers of comdirect Bank can look forward to attractive offers in the area of reverse convertibles on an ongoing basis without any problems. These are usually possible from a sum of 1,000 euros and offer the corresponding interest payments.

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What advantages does the offer of comdirect Bank?

Customers of comdirect Bank can subscribe for a reverse convertible with a term of 12 months up to the 20th day of trading? For this term they receive an interest rate of 6.25% interest p.a. credited, regardless of how the share develops itself.

In comparison to a direct investment of the sum when buying the share, the loss potential is significantly reduced by a barrier of 80% which is observed on a key date or valuation date. The valuation date has already been defined as August 16, 2019. On this day it is decided whether the bond is to be paid out in shares, for example.

What risk does the current offer of comdirect Bank?

The share bond of comdirect Bank offers not only opportunities, but of course also a lot of risks. That means concretely that for example the capital of the plant is not protected. Should the Lufthansa share price touch the barrier or even fall below it on the valuation day, 16 August 2019, investors will not receive their capital paid out, but will book Lufthansa shares in their custody account accordingly. It should be noted that in extreme cases losses up to the total loss of the entire investment are possible.

Furthermore, the investment is subject to the influences of the market during the entire term. This means, for example, that changes in the share price as well as the volatility of interest rates contribute to the fact that the value can develop negatively on balance. Investors bear the entire issuer risk as well as the call risk of the bond.

What do I need to be able to use the offer?

Whoever wants to use the current offer of comdirect Bank needs a corresponding deposit with the bank. This can be opened over the Internet without problems. So that the account can be led without annoying fees it is to be recommended that parallel also still the free Girokonto of the comdirect bank is opened. Those who use both products in parallel will benefit from the fact that they do not have to pay any fees for the current account and also for the custody account as well as the necessary clearing account of the bank. In practice, this offer is very attractive, especially as comdirect Bank is one of the banks with a particularly large selection of products.

Which products can be used at comdirect Bank?

Customers who choose comdirect Bank can benefit from the fact that they can subscribe to numerous different products. Via the bank’s securities account, it is possible, for example, to trade corresponding shares from Germany, but also from other countries worldwide. Domestic and international trading in shares is possible via numerous trading centres. In addition, comdirect Bank also enables its customers, for example, to trade shares over the counter without any problems. This has the great advantage that a large number of options can be drawn accordingly.

The products of comdirect Bank can be used in a wide variety of ways and around 10,000 different funds can also be subscribed to at comdirect Bank. The corresponding funds can easily be subscribed via many different channels. In some cases they are offered with a discount of 50%, in some cases even 100% via comdirect Bank. It is also possible for several hundred ETFs to be traded via comdirect Bank. Who would like, can open as customer even a CFD trade account with the bank.

Sparpläne with the comdirect bank – attractive money investment with long view

Sparpläne can be executed with the comdirect bank with a large number of different products. In detail, these are corresponding funds and ETFs in which investments can be made. In principle, an investment here is possible from a sum of 25 euros. comdirect Bank offers that savings plans can be executed once a month, every two or three months and, for example, every six months. The portfolio in this area is considerably larger than that of many other banks.

Note that comdirect Bank scores with a very good service. Customers can easily contact the bank’s hotline if they have any questions. In concrete terms, this means that a telephone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During this time, the contact persons can be contacted by telephone. The hotline is sufficiently well staffed to avoid long waiting times. There is also the possibility that the service can be contacted via email, for example, if there are any questions or if documents are to be sent to comdirect Bank.

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