Xtip – Secure Up To 30% Higher Profits

Although every tipper dreams of making a profit of several thousand euros with a stake of one euro or even less. What actually sounds impossible, is made possible by the combination bets with the bookmakers. But not only that, because XTiP now puts in the best case on these combination wins a bonus of up to 30 percent on top.


Larger combinations mean more winnings

To participate in the bookmaker’s action, the players simply have to place a combination bet with at least five selections, whereupon a bonus of five percent is paid out. Important: All qualifying bets must have a minimum odds of 1.21.

The final amount of the combination bonus depends on the number of combined bets on the coupon. If, for example, 15 bets are combined, a bonus of 15 percent is also paid. A maximum of 30 bets can be placed on this action, which means that the largest possible combination bonus of 30 percent can be earned. In addition to the pre-match bets, live bets on the provider are also permitted.

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